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(WWE) How is this for a rivalry on ECW: The Hart Dynasty vs The Burchills and DJ Gabriel?

I love the Hart Dynasty, their like, bada**es. But for being 3 of them, theyre only usually in singles matches, except for Natalya.

Katie Lea hasnt been in the ring since the draft, and neither has Natalya or DJ Gabriel (ever since Alicia left i think.)

And, since The Burchills are from England, and DJ Gabriel is from the UK, i think they would make a perfect team. Especially against the Hart Dynasty!

ECW has been pretty bland lately, and they need a steaming rivalry to heat things up! Itll be like, their fighting to be the most dominant faction on ECW. What do you guys think?

thats what i was gunning for, but i didnt quite get it on the bullseye, but you got it for me! lol

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what is this? possibly a steam engine piece?

I found this strange, seemingly cast iron ball by the train tracks near my is about 2 1/2″ wide and appears to have been broken off at the top.
I think it is a piece from an old steam engine as it say “double acting” on the side.
here is a link to the picture, any idea what this might be?

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Will I lose weight like this?

Today I’ve had 3 bowls of Special K strawberries and chocolate cereal, which is approximately 400kcal and 2.7g fat altogether. I then had a plate of steamed vegetables (carrots, green beans, broccoli and sweetcorn) for dinner and I’m not having anything else for the rest of the day. I’ve had quite a lot of iced water today and 5 cups of green tea.
I know 3 bowls of cereal was way too much but I was hungry. :S
Apart from the fact I ate too much today, if I removed one of those bowls of cereal and did more exercise, should I be able to lose weight? I’m 14, 5’5 and 8 st 4 (116 lbs). I’m a UK size 8-10 (US 4-6). 🙁 I want to be about 95 lbs or so, and I’d kill to be a UK size 4 (US size 0).

When I get cravings for chocolate/cookies etc, I sometimes chew the food, then spit it out because it satisfies my cravings but I don’t take in the calories and fat. Do you have any other tips for not letting my unhealthy cravings take over?

And also, what are some good exercises I can do that tone my body and burn lots of calories? Is walking good?

Thanks so much. 🙂
I’ll pass, Jos, I’m not a big fan of cheese. 🙂 It’s very fattening, and I’m sure looking good is a much better feeling than having a full, bloated belly.

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Islam what could this vision means ( serious answers only)?

Okay i was in my english class siting at the front. We had a sub so everyone wad being naughty and not listening. I was sat on my own and to be honest wasnt doing much work. I was bored, sat there chewing my biro till near the end of the lesson. I decided for sum reason to look through my birow and i suddenly then saw on the wall moving triangles in tge coulour of ver dark sand/ red resembling pyramids or maybe they were pyramids I saw a blue sky and tgere were what looked like white mountains ( snow) on top of the pyramids and there was at there very top a long straight cloud of steam that covered it all and then it went black tgen white then black. The image was about the size of an a4 piece of paper and was like a projection. It was moving like it was never ending only sometimes there were no white mountains. I must have looked at it for about a minute and a half and knew nobody else could see it. Btw it was all like paint it wasnt a real life image but it just came and went . Please im realy confused any possibilities as to what this is??? Im 15 year old muslim from uk.

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Is this Laptop good enough for gaming?

I’ve been looking for ages for a laptop with 4gb ram and 500gb hard drive and when i clicked on eBay I saw this one –

Would it be good for Gaming on Steam playing games such as TF2, Battlefield 3 (When it comes out), CoD4, etc.

I dont have a clue about specs or anything so any advice would be welcomed.


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Why is my Internet connect very slow this past 3 days?

My internet connection has been very slow this past few days and I have no idea why.
I play Steam – Garry’s Mod as well which is a gaming program and has been running VERY slow.

I have WIRED connection with Sky Broadband.
I recently upgraded to Windows 7 and installed Avast Anti virus.
I have done a full scan with Avast and no threats were found. I also have been installing numerous files and programs as I said I recentley upgraded to windows 7.
I have done a speed test, Not at as it does not work for me for some reason…
I used and my download speed was 80kbps with a upload speed of 384kps

If you need any more information leave a message and check up on the question as i will update 🙂

I am in desperate need of help!

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Is this the end of the road for America ?

By Ambrose Evans-Pilchard, International Business Editor
Published: 8:52PM BST 15 Jul 2010 for UK-Telegraph
The euro rocketed to a two-month high of $1.29 and sterling jumped two cents to almost $1.54 after the Fed confessed that the US economy may not recover for five or six years. Far from winding down emergency stimulus, the bank may need a fresh blast of bond purchases or quantitative easing.

Usually the dollar serves as a safe haven whenever the world takes fright, and there was plenty of sobering news from China and other quarters on Thursday. Not this time. The US itself has become the problem.
“The worm is turning,” said David Bloom, currency chief at HSBC. “We’re in a world of rotating sovereign crises. The market seems to become obsessed with one idea at a time, then violently swings towards another. People thought the euro would break-up. Now we’re moving into a new phase because we’re hearing alarm bells of a US double dip.”

Mr Bloom said a deep change is under way in investor psychology as funds and central banks respond to the blizzard of shocking US data and again focus on the fragility of an economy where public debt is surging towards 100pc of GDP, not helped by the malaise enveloping the Obama White House. “The Europeans have aired their dirty debt in public and taken some measures to address it, whilst the US has not,” he said.

The Fed minutes warned of “significant downside risks” and a possible slide into deflation, an admission that zero interest rates, $1.75 trillion of QE, and a fiscal deficit above 10pc of GDP have so far failed to lift the economy out of a structural slump.

“The Committee would need to consider whether further policy stimulus might become appropriate if the outlook were to worsen appreciably,” it said. The economy might not regain its “longer-run path” until 2016.

“The Fed is throwing in the towel,” said Gabriel Stein, of Lombard Street Research. “They are preparing to start QE again. This was predictable because the M3 broad money supply has been contracting for months.”

The Fed minutes amount to a policy thunderbolt, evidence of how quickly the recovery has lost steam. Just weeks ago the Fed was mapping out withdrawal of stimulus.

Goldman Sachs said it expects the euro to rise to $1.35 by the end of the year. The yen will appreciate to ¥83, through the pain barrier for most of Japan’s big exporters. The new twist is that SAFE, China’s $2.4 trillion fund, has begun buying record amounts of Japanese bonds, a shift in reserve allocation away from the dollar.

The signs of a deep and sudden slowdown in the US are becoming ever clearer as the “sugar rush” from the Obama fiscal stimulus wears off and the inventory boost fades. California, Illinois and other states are cutting spending, tightening US fiscal policy by 0.8pc of GDP.

Thursday’s plunge in the Philadelphia Fed’s July index of new manufacturing orders to –4.3 suggests that the economy may have buckled abruptly, as it did in mid-2008. The Economic Cycle Research Institute’s ECRI leading indicator has tumbled, reaching –8.3pc last week. This points to a sharp slowdown or recession within three months.

While US port data looked buoyant in June, the details were troubling. Outbound traffic from Long Beach fell from 139,000 containers in May to 116,000 in June. Shipments from Los Angeles fell from 161,000 to 155,000. This drop in exports is worsening the US trade deficit, eroding the dollar.

The US workforce has shrunk by a 1m over the past two months as discouraged jobless give up the hunt. Retail sales have fallen for the past two months. New homes sales crashed to 300,000 in May after tax credits ran out, the lowest since records began in 1963. Mortgage applications have fallen by 42pc to 13-year low since April. Paul Dales at Capital Economics said the “shadow inventory” of unsold properties has risen to 7.8m. “The double dip in housing has begun,” he said.

Alcoa, CSX, Intel, and JP Morgan have reported good earnings, but they mostly did so in July 2008 just before their shares collapsed. Such earnings rarely catch turning points and can be a lagging indicator. Profits have been boosted in this cycle by cost-cutting, which is self-defeating for the economy as a whole.

The minutes confirm the Fed is split down the middle over QE. Fed watchers say the Board in Washington wants to be ready to launch another round of bond purchases if necessary, pushing the banks balance sheet from $2.4 trillion towards $5 trillion, but hawks at the regional banks are highly sceptical.

A study by the San Francisco Fed said the interest rates need to be –4.5pc to stabilise the economy under the Fed’s “rule of thumb”. Since this is impossible, massive QE needs to make up the difference.

Tim Congdon from International Monetary Re

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Truck Loads Of Fun At Motat This Sunday

Truck Loads Of Fun At Motat This Sunday
Visit MOTAT this Sunday and enjoy a special treat as the Museum shows off its biggest and best at the Trucks, Trains and Traction Engines annual event.


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