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GAUGE talking about the BCS Title Game! LIVE STREAM!

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Tom Hanks – Title song of The Polar Express

Well, it’s been way over 7 years since The Polar Express hit the theaters and over 16 years since the book the movie’s based upon was released, so I felt I should better make it a tribute, just because it’s in my opinion the best Christmas movie ever made and one of the most awesome-styled movies. (I seriously LOVE this film, it totally blew me away on the big screen. Cheers, Chris A, Robert Z and Alan S, you’re all genius!) If you don’t know the lyrics: All aboard! All aboard! Tickets, please, tickets! Well? you coming? It’s a magic carpet on a rail, never takes a rest, flying through the mountains and the snow, Ride for free and join the fun, (You can ride for free!) if you just say yes! ’cause that’s the way things happen on the Polar Express You bet! “Wooo! Wooo!” the whistle blows, that’s the sound of her singing, “Ding! Ding!” the bell will ring, Golly look at her go! You wonder if you’ll get there soon, any body’s guess, ’cause that’s the way things happen on the Polar Express When we get there we’ll scream “Yes!” (“Yeah!”) We’ll arrive with a “bang bang bang”, “boom boom boom”, laughing all the way! It’s a choo-choo with a stunning view That rivals all the best! But you won’t see it advertised. It’s a simple fact we stay on track, though sometimes we digress, but that can only happen on the Polar Express! “Hiss”, “hiss” the steam hisses, that’s the sound of her breathing. “Clang! Clang!” the boiler bangs, what a wonderful show! With a comfy seat and lots to eat

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I need a title for my novel?

This is a steam punk novel about the adventures of the stunning, unfathomable and always-remarkable Dr Abigail Quinn who is immortal and her team, William Ailey who is telepathic and Claus Rothmann who is a werewolf.

They live on board a airship that floats over London. Together they track down and abolish the strange and often scary beings of London, vampires.

The Character Dr Abigail Quinn is a bit like sherlock Holmes and Van Helsing all rolled in one. There is a main villain who pops up a few times called Lord Lundstrom who wants Dr Abigail Quinn’s Ability as he is slowly dying.

Dr Abigail Quinn was born in Ireland moved to london at a young age. Willaim Ailey was born in Wales and after his parents died he moved to London. Claus Rothmann was born in Germany after finding out he was a werewolf he fled to the UK. Lord Lundstrom was born is Sweden but had living in London most of him life. He is slowly dying from a mysterious disease.
The airship is floating over london and its fog. This is a hardcore steam punk novel full of weird and wonderful characters. I have researched for this novel for 3 months.

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In which American Heritage article (title and date) did a diesel train engine 24hrs before a steam engine?

Apparently in American heritage there is an article that talks about a diesel train leaving one day before a steam engine. The steam engine catches up in iowa.

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