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So You Want to Build a Live Steam Locomotive

  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Based on a series of articles originally published in “Live Steam” magazine, this book contains detailed guidance on every aspect of designing, building and operating a live steam locomotive. Illustrated with over 300 detailed schematic diagrams and black and white photos. With bibliography. 161 pages…. More >>

So You Want to Build a Live Steam Locomotive

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Do Americans ( From the USA) always want to live in the Mother country Britain?

We have a number of Hollywood stars and other high pro Yanks living in the UK , you cant balme them really can you they would rather live in the mother country than in one of those backward colonies that doesn’t even have a free health service , is made up of migrants from all over the world, lives in wooden houses and shoots you if you walk on their lawn.

As for the land of the free and the home of the brave most Yanks have been watching to many Hollywood propaganda films, Britain was free and had an elected Parliament in 1689, we formed and run your country for 200 yrs before 1776, we had the biggest empire the world had ever seen and will ever see again,
we invented practically everything from the Steam engine ,railways , underground tube to you , radio, penicillin, jet engine , first mechanical Computer first Analogue Computer, first jet airliner the comet, first police force ever , cure for smallpox, radar, electromagnetism i.e. Faraday, DNA joint with you, Industrial revolution, TV, Aircraft carrier, BBC the list is endless
we have nice green little villages with old county cottages to live in we have paperboys who post it (mail it) though the letterbox in our doors instead of throwing at you to try and hit you and ( what is it with that stupid box that you have at the front of your gardens doing there anyway) friendly coppers without guns,
We founded Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Rhodesia and YOU
to be born British is to win first prize in the lottery of Life. Cecil Rhodes.
Milton, Shakespeare, Elgar, Darwin, Churchill, HG Wells and loads more are household names all over the world.
Our actors dominate your Film industry and only live there for the money
Why in heavens Name would anybody let alone a brit want to live anywhere else
Land of Hope and Glory Mother of the Free lol ho ha ha

Welcome home to the motherland expats lol
Yeah see what i mean KC936 only 18% of the population formed and run the place, founded by englishmen , john Adams, Hamiltiton , madison, jefferson, Franklin and not forgetting Ex Brit officer Georgy boy Washington, as the USA , the measures are all british you still use gallons miles , btu, feet and inches, the law is based on English common Law, and most of you still speak a form of English
Not bad for a country that is 82% non British descent ruling and shapeing eveyone else LOL
Easy im whatever,
Not a word of fiction in any of my rant look it up if can still read English over there , like I said Yanks watch too many Hollywood films, I suppose you believe that an american sub Captured the german enigma machine in U571 instead of the Royal Navy which of course is the truth, you werent even in the war then, silly billy ha ha ho
only 10% of the population of Britain is not an an immigrant , sorry Evie you are blowing smoke there I would get an education in demographics and genetic markers if I were you , last time I studied this the genetic reseach showed that 75% of the population is still largely descended from either celts or saxons with a signifcant dash of viking
No I know keaton more like gulping Buds and stuffing big macs and having your house dismantled to get you out and chopper your way to hospital
shell , you really ought to stop eating those big macs and watching the US history channel we had alreadly beat the germans when you came into the war and got yourselves slaughtered at your first engagement with Rommel at the Meseline pass in North Africa, ( a defeated German Army by the way that British General Montgomery had just routed at Alamien) before which of course we won the Battle of Britain on our own, and forget saving Private Stupid you Yanks only made up 46% of the the armies on D Day all the rest were British and Canadian, sorry to burst your arrogant Yank bubble fairly tale history
Oh I nearly forgot The cadilac of skys in that silly film the Mustang a north American Fighter Had a British Merlin Engine in it because the original pratt & whitney was a load of rubbish
You woundnt exist Hanseuge you woudnt even have been a country without us Jeez dont u even know your own history 13 English Colonies and all that
Ok shell I give you that we are not very good at preserving our teeth I shoud know practically all of mine are implants another fairy tale I heard was that the tooth Brush was an African invention could be I Suppose, but with all our world firsts I woundt be surpised if I looked it up that the British invented Teeth lol
Also I left Issac Newton out of the list first Englishman to decover Gravity

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I want to buy used small steam engine and rail road ?

I am Living in Pakistan , I have Mini Park , in this Park i want to Place steam Train … can anyone suggest me how much it will cost and some tips..

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I want to have some toys in my year 1 classroom any ideas?

I want the children to be able to have chance to play during the day when they either have finished their work or as a treat or a wind down. I am not suggesting they will play all day but I was in a classroom relief teaching a while ago and the class was wonderfully settled and engaged in their learning because they had the comfort and chance to let off steam and play throughout the day inbetween working hard. I really liked the atmosphere and the level of work the children were producing was great it seemed to just work so well. I was wondering what ideas for toys I could include into my classroom without overwhelming it but still having the best elements of a kindergarten within a school environment. What do you think?

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I am looking 4 photos or information about a Baxter Colt 2hp steam Engine, rebuilding & want to be original?

I am trying to find anyone with photos or information about a Baxter Colt 2hp steam Engine. I am rebuilding one and want to make it complete and original as possible. If you know anyone or know of a site I could post a question it would be Very appreciated.
Thank you for any help you may be able to give me,

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