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AMPM24 Skeleton Men’s Steam Train Copper Dangle Pendant Quartz Pocket Watch with Chain WPK100

Product Description
Sold by AMPM24 Store.
1. “Steam trains” series pocket watch is the best gift for your love, seniority or yourself.
2. Unique “Steam trains” design with precise quartz movement.
3. Retro watch case brings you back to your memory in youth.
4. Removable chain with a clip at the end.

Specification (approximate)
– Case diameter: 5cm (1. 97inch)approx.
– Case thickness: 1. 4cm approx (0. 55inch), cover included.
– C… More >>

AMPM24 Skeleton Men’s Steam Train Copper Dangle Pendant Quartz Pocket Watch with Chain WPK100

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Getting This Channel Started Again (Please Watch!)

AIM = Steam = Jakemc1 Envious Media =

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Marcel train watch value?

I have a Marcel Watch Corp swiss made pocket watch. On the inside it says marcel watch corp 22, 17 seventeen jewels shock resistant. On the outside face it has a locomotive steam train and says marcel in cursive right above it. It has the normal 1-12 hours then outside of that it has 1-60 in smaller numbers. On the back is an engraved locomotive going on a railroad. Just looking for any potential value

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Is there a website where I can watch steaming video of the UK version of The Office?

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Watch out for INFLATION, Invest in GOLD

I used to care a damn about economics and finance. â??Money is meant to be spent’ was my mantra. The result of this philosophy was a broken down life and debts up to my eyeballs. Then comes along Robert Kiyosaki and his best-selling book â??Rich Dad Poor Dad’, and life was never the same again.

After reading the book, my eyes opened up to my idiotic philosophy on money, investments and finance. I finally realized why I am broke and needy all the time. Jim Rohn rightly puts it; “The philosophy of the rich versus the poor is this: The rich invest their money and spend what is left; the poor spend their money and invest what is left.” I have long since changed and it has returned fruitful results.

The world economy as I write this article is not at it’s best at all. Inflation is creeping in ever so quickly. I feel it’s important that people read the report on US inflation Even though the media and the government are not letting out the true story, the phenomenon has gathered so much steam and momentum that it’s just a matter of time before mass destruction of economies is unleashed. For all those who take an ignorant stance on this whole subject will be in for a rude shock as 2010 wears on. However, the wise people who take precautionary action will stand to benefit big time from this massive wealth shift that is taking place in our world right now.

Frederick Leith-Ross puts it quite bluntly; “Inflation is like sin; every government denounces it and every government practices it.”

One of the wisest ways to protect your money in today’s economy is to stop saving it in the form of paper currency. Instead invest it in something that appreciates in value. Real Estate, Gold, Silver, etc. are worthwhile investments. One of the best habits that I have developed is to buy a piece of gold, either as coins or biscuits, out of every paycheck I receive. And I do this the first thing after I receive the paycheck. How much Gold you buy depends entirely up to you and your budget. But I would advice 10% of your paycheck amount should be used to buy Gold or Silver. Please remember, this is part of your savings and not for selling it at a later date. Use the buy and hold strategy on this gold. In the future, when the economies settle down, the gold that you possess can now be used as collateral to let banks lend you currency to start your own business, invest in stock, bonds, etc. See what I mean? This is one of the ways the rich get richer. They use their existing wealth as guarantee to borrow more from the bank and then invest that money wisely to grow it.

Henry Ford said this, “Whether You Think You Can, Or Think You Cannot, Either Way You Are Right”. Make the decision. It’s for you and your future, not mine.


God bless.

John Bino


“Empowering people to increase their value to society”

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Watch World Cup Soccer Live

When you want to watch live world cup soccer, there is nothing quite like doing it in the lovely town of Port Elizabeth. This little seaside town will be sporting the brand new Nelson Mandela stadium (named for the former prisoner of conscience and later president of South Africa) for the second round quarter final playoff games. While you’re in town, rather than just popping in to see the game, you may also want to see some of the other wonderful things this amazing town has to offer.

For example, you can go out to the Kragga Gamma game park which is located just outside the city limits. It is an ideal spot for game viewing close to Port Elizabeth if you don’t have time to visit the big game reserves. You can choose to drive through the park in your own rental car of it you prefer, just arrange for a guided tour in a 4X4 jeep with a professional guide. Either way, you’ll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the animals before heading back to town to watch live world cup soccer together with 50,000 of the your fellow fans.

Or for those who are not into wildlife, check out the No. 7 Castle Hill Museum. This charming little museum is the oldest surviving Settler cottage in Port Elizabeth. The house, which dates to 1827, has been masterfully restored to show you the early history and elegant lifestyle of Port Elizabeth. The picturesque family home, located on Castle Hill Road, Central, has yellow-wood floors and beams, a restored slate roof and is completely furnished in the style of the mid-Victorian period. The doll house, lace displays and kitchen are particularly exciting for the little ones or really anyone who appreciates history.

If you plan on staying for the weekend, then a visit to Port Elizabeth is simply not complete without a ride on the Apple Express. This charming little train regularly carries fruit on its 285 kilometer ride but during the weekend it is transformed into a fun family experience. The train leaves Port Elizabeth hauled by a little steam locomotive with lovely brass work and a loud whistle. It travels past the Walmer residential area and through the thick bush of the plains between the mountains and the sea.

After crossing a bridge over Van Stadens Gorge (where there is a glorious view of the gorge), the train heads westward into the countryside, an area covered with bush and known for its flowering aloes.
The site of the Elandsberge and Groot Winterhoek mountains will amaze you as you pass them by.

There is also a pass into the valley of the Gamtoos before the train reaches Loerie. From Loerie, the Apple Express arrives at a small junction where one branch swings north to Patensie and the other continues west, crossing the Gamtoos River. In the summer, when you’ll be there to watch live World Cup soccer, the area is simply marvelous since wild flowers and orchards abound. It is truly a site to see.

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(AFX UK Focus) 2010-03-10 00:49 Philippines-Market factors to watch – March 9

(AFX UK Focus) 2010-03-10 00:49 Philippines-Market factors to watch – March 9
MANILA, March 9 (Reuters) – Here are news stories and press reports which may influence local financial markets on Tuesday.

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