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What’s the best way to potty train a new puppy?

I just bought a new baby Chihuahua and of course he pees whenever/wherever he wants.. I have a blue carpet so it’s hard to tell where he went so i’ve been steam cleaning it like everyday just to be safe, hahaa. Any advice?

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Can anyone with a knowledge of steam locomotives tell me what’s going on in this video?

Here it is:

I know they are test firing it, but what exactly are they doing? is it something to do with the throttle? Safety valve?
Thank you! I appreciate it! Some day…some day I hope to own my own.

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What’s y’alls favorite steam locomotives?

I like the 2-8-2 Mikados, 2-8-4 Berkerises, 4-8-2 Mountains, 4-8-4 Northerns, and 4-8-8-4 Big Boys. I like eninge #611 and #1218 from Norflok & Western too. I also like the Iron Horses of the 4-4-0’s. Y’all gotta favorite steam locomotive(s)?

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What’s a steam powered locomotive?

I’m in history. I don’t know what to write as the description. Help please!

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Whats the big deal with underage drinking?

I read this article about underage drinking in the UK the other day and they made it sound so dramatic and like it was a huge problem if teens get their hands on alcohol that they would ruin their life forever (etc.).

Well, I’d just like to know what everyone’s “big deal” is. I mean in the US the drinking age is 21! That’s just stupid, your already past adult age then and you can’t even drink.

I am an european expat kid living in China, shanghai.
I go to a school full of American and European expats like me, and in china, well shanghai at least, there is no drinking age that Ive heard of. And if there is one, no one and I mean NO ONE cares.

A 10 year old kid could walk into a store and buy **** loads of alcohol if they wanted, but yet it still doesn’t happen here.

I’m 16, and most my closest friends drink and I drink, we go to clubs, bars, parties, wherever and there is no ID check, there is no age limit, everyone is welcome. We usually go every weekend to a club or a bar to blow off some steam. We don’t get involved with drugs, no one I know here in shanghai has ever gotten into major trouble because of drinking. We all go to a strict privet school with loads of homework and high expectations, and we are all pretty good grade achieving students.

None of us have dropped out, going out to clubs and bars hasn’t threatened our school life. Its just become a part of normal life. In Fact I’ve noticed here where everyone can get alcohol, a lot of teens don’t even want it. Because we do know how to think for ourselves (believe it or not) and we do understand that school is important and we’re not drinking to rebel, just to hang out with friends and have a few beers in a bar. Doesn’t sound like a big deal right?

Well it shouldn’t be, if it was legal for everyone to drink. There would probably be less trouble with the whole drinking thing, because teenagers would get sick of it quite fast and not want it so much (most only want it cuz they cant have it).

My dad knows that me and my friends (and most parents in shanghai have figured it out) go to clubs. In Fact here in shanghai there are clubs that are advertised just for teenagers, they let teenagers work there even. And still I haven’t noticed a problem.
Living here in shanghai is an amazing experience, the freedom is just wonderful. And whenever I return to Europe and tell people about how teens can go to clubs and stuff, everyone looks so shocked and imagines the worst.

Shanghai is living proof that teenagers can control how much they drink and club, and that it wont mess up their life. We know how to think for ourselves, I know a lot of us aren’t mature. In fact Ive met quite a few teenagers that even I thought shouldn’t be allowed clubbing since they were so immature, but turns out I was wrong. There is no problem.
I’ve gotten a lot of answers saying that it increases teenage deaths and that kind of stuff. And I can understand why, but most of the people that drink and drive and get into trouble are adults not teens.

Besides I speak from pure experience, and believe me when I say the majority of our highschool goes to clubs, none of them wound up dead, acutally my best clubbing buddy is now graduating and going off to study In Oxford University, his been clubbing since 15, didnt mess him up one bit 🙂
I should add another point that to all the people who say its an health risk, well obviously if you over do anything it’ll be a risk! A lot of adults die of liver failure because of drinking too much (you have to really really drink a lot to get to that stage), people assume that teengers will go insane if they are given the rights to alchol. They assume that they will deccide to start driving around while drunk and drinking to their death. I don’t know if Americans are just stupid or what, but this does not happen here in shanghai, at all.

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What’s more powerful? A steam locomotive or a diesel locomotive?

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What’s that one compartment in the front of s steam locomotive?

That little room in the very front of the steam locomotive.
Where two guys can pull the brakes, put wood into the fire for the chimney, has the boiler, and I think the smokebox and stuff. That entire little section, room… compartment…
I’d like to know what it’s called, if it has a name. Maybe it’s just called the ‘boiler-room’.
I can’t find any diagrams of a steam locomotive with that one section. Thanks for any answers. 🙂

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What’s the Fuss About Model Trains?

Many of us got started with model railroad trains when we received a small set for Christmas. Can you remember the thrill of that discovery, even to this day? Model railroading has been called “The Worlds Greatest Hobby,” though undoubtedly there are others that would argue for candle making.

Model railroading has captured the imagination of hobbyists for a long time. This is a hobby that has been passed on from father to son (and even daughters). While some enthusiasts are content to collect locomotives, if you desire to go beyond that, you will be engaged in designing and building a world (or at least a part of one) of your own making! I dare you to name one other hobby like that!

Toy trains and model railroad trains have been around since the 1840’s when ‘carpet railways’ came about. Today, model trains are exact scale replicas of locomotives and rolling stock, and you can find them from any era of the Iron Horse.

Model railroad enthusiasts are involved in the hobby in many different ways. While owning one locomotive qualifies you, many have some sort of layout, even if it’s portable and gets put away when they need the space for something else. The most ambitious spend countless hours and money creating large exact scale model railroads, building scenery and buildings from scratch.

The scale models go from super tiny (“T” scale, which is 1:450) up to 1:4. Live steam powered riding models are generally 1:8 scale, these run outdoors. ‘HO’ scale, at 1:87.1 is the most popular of the scales, offering a balance between size and amount of detail.

Creating layouts can be quite creative, where a realistic scene is constructed over the course of a lifetime, or, you can set up your tracks on a piece of plywood, place some buildings you’ve bought or made from kits, and run your railroad around and around! It’s really up to you!

So remember back to when you first saw that model railroad. Perhaps it’s a memory of a real train, during a trip, or in your town. The mystery of movement. The sound of the whistle as it rolls into the station, or through a crossing. What is it that grabs you? Follow that feeling as you build your model railway!


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