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Traumhafte Impressionen von der winterlichen Brockenbahn / steam trains in winter

If you don’t understand German, no problem, look below! Hinauf zum höchsten Gipfel Norddeutschlands, bei Kaiserwetter! Am 29. Dezember 2010 war es mal wieder ein traumhafter Wintertag, sogenanntes Kaiserwetter! Sie sehen die Dampflokomotiven der Harzer Schmalspurbahnen, wie sie auf ihrem anstrengenden Weg nach oben malerische, weiße Dampfwolken ausstoßen. Der Fahrplan ist an Tagen wie diesen aufgrund des Andrangs nur schwer zu halten und die aus den Neubaudampfloks wird das möglichste herausgeholt, um die schweren Züge auf den Berg zu befördern. Angekommen auf dem Gipfel wird man jedoch belohnt mit einem Blick über den verschneiten Harz, sowie mit allerhand Gebilden, die der Schnee aus den Pflanzen geformt hatte. Auch der Traditionszug fährt an diesem Tage hinauf auf den Brocken. Er wird von der 1898 gebauten Mallet Lok 99 5902 gezogen, die jedoch aufgrund der Länge des Zuges von einer Vorspannlokomotive unterstützt wird, der 1918 gebauten Mallet 99 5906. So haben die zwei Mallet Loks keine Mühe, den Zug zu befördern. Aufgrund des durcheinander geratenen Fahrplans erleben Sie auch noch, wie einmalig drei Dampfzüge auf einmal im Bahnhof Brocken anzutreffen sind. Auch die Zugkreuzung im Bahnhof Goetheweg ist im Winter nichts Alltägliches. Erleben sie einen außergewöhnlichen Tag auf dem Brocken bei Kaiserwetter! To the top of the Harz Mountains in a beautiful snowy landscape! The Brocken is the highest mountain of the Harz Mountains. It’s 1142 meters high and there is a

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Great Central Railway Winter Steam Gala 2011

Footage from the second day of the Great Central Railways Winter Steam event on 29/01/2011. This was the first time I had been to the GCR, and I was mightily impressed. For the GCR hmepage : For information on the specific locos/loco types : City Of Truro : Great Marquess : Pitchford Hall : Autocoach : Stanier Class 5 :

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Mountain Winter – Steam, Smoke and Thunder

Railroads run in all types of weather, from a beautiful spring day to pounding snow. Western Maryland 734 pulls a mixed freight over the Allegheny Mountains on a January 30, 2010, photo freight sponsored by Carl Franz. The train is seen at a variety of locations along the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, including the famous Helmstetters Curve. Hear the whistle echo through the mountains and feel the earth shake as the finest tourist railroad on the East Coast puts on an incredible show. In one week, the entire region will be blanketed by the worst blizzard in 50 years, but the fresh falling snow on this day resulted in some spectacular winter vistas. Filmed with a Canon XH-A1

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Tapinarii Working in Winter

A “tapinar” is a specialized forest worker that handles the logs with “tapina” (special tool for logs handling, a special beak metal head with a wood stock). These forestry lumber workers are up in the forest no matter the season or weather. Last film presented was about the same activity but in autumn, this one is about their job in winter time. Cutting down the trees, caring them down to the train and loading the wagons by hand are activities that are no longer used in Romania. For many years now the logs transportation activity is made entirely by machines and tractors. The only place to see these manual activities still happen is in Maramures, on the last active forestry narrow gauge steam railroad: CFF Viseu de Sus. On this line mocanita is still carrying down loaded wagons and in this film you can see the old process of manually loading wagons. This is an an exclusive video material about these forestry activities. Film (c) Daniel Secarescu |

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Winter Steam Festival

This was a sad year for the annual Winter Steam Festival. The advertised show of steam relies on one thing- cold- and that was notably absent from this year’s Utah Winter. No cold, no massive clouds of steam. But, the 119 still performed remarkably and there were some good shots to be found. Promontory Sumitt, Utah, December 30, 2011.

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Sutherland Steam Railway Winter Steam Gala 2010 Part B

Hi all, Here is PART TWO of TWO of the video documenting the Sutherland Steam Railway’s fantastic 2010 WINTER STEAM GALA which ran from February 19th-21st. The gala ran 3 weeks late due to the seriously bad weather experienced over the last few weeks. (Points had been frozen, rails had been buried, wires had been damaged etc). So finally, on Friday 19th February, the first day of the 3-day event was filmed, resulting in these two videos. LOCOMOTIVE ROSTER= Visiting *4-6-2 Bullied Merchant Navy “United States Lines” *0-6-0 Terrier Class A1X No11 New Resident *4-6-0 LMS Rebuilt Patriot “Sir Frank Ree” Resident *2-6-2 Large Prairie 61XX No6110 *2-6-2 Small Prairie 45XX No4560 *2-6-0 Churchward Mogul 43XX No5328 *4-6-0 King Class No6009 “King Charles II” *4-6-0 Grange Class 68XX No6862 “Derwent Grange” *4-6-0 Black 5 No45156 “Ayrshire Yeomanry” *0-6-0 Austerity Tank No68075 *4-6-2 Bullied Light Pacific No34051 “Winston Churchill” *0-6-2 Taffe Tank 56XX No6600 Both visitors came to us from the Fazeley Railway, Tamworth. Thanks to them for sending the locomotives, which have been based at Sutherland Shed’s since mid-December. The pair will return home this coming Saturday (27/2/2010). Meanwhile, our BR Black Pannier Tank No5775 will be returning the same day as she has been substituting for the two visitors on their own railway for the same amount of time! We look forward to welcoming 5775 back for a well earnt rest before re-entering into service…we have missed her. THE GALA

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Nevada Northern Winter Freight: Baldwin #40

The grand old lady of steam, Nevada Northern Railroad’s Baldwin #40. Shot in February of 2008.

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Winter Steam at Garsdale 45407/76079

Chilly weather and steam at Garsdale on the Settle-Carlisle line with 76079 and 45407 hauling a northbound raultour

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