The British Railway Stories: Episode 2, Complete Episode

“Veto a V2!” – Original Air Date, 20th August, 2007. This episode has been remastered with a restored soundtrack, and its original filmed scenes. There are subtle differences between this version and that which aired on Youtube in two parts, three years. This story is about a mixed traffic steam engine named Herbert – who is afraid of cows…upon arrival at the yard, it’s up to Herbert shows Sir Ralph what mixed traffic engines can do (and why Sir Ralph shouldn’t run hot while running!) You can find more information on the original Episode Two here: The companion eBook to The British Railway Stories, “Tale of the Unnamed Engine” is now available for purchase on the Amazon Kindle, and other eBook formats! Available worldwide and priced at £4.99, the new eBook recounts the origin story of the YouTube series’ favourite characters! Follow this link to purchase the book, written by Simon AC Martin and illustrated by Dean Walker: Music by Kevin Mcleod, The contents of these videos, including all text and photos (except where credited otherwise) are ©The British Railway Stories Ltd & Simon AC Martin